Raising a flag for health care heroes: Retired nurse designs and donates flag for hospitals across the province

Dr. Deb Hartlen, owner of The Flag Shop Nova Scotia designed and donated health care hero flags to six hospitals across the province.
As a symbol of the tremendous efforts and care provided by health care professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Deb Hartlen, owner of The Flag Shop Nova Scotia designed and donated health care hero flags. 
These flags were made to honour and commemorate Nova Scotia’s health care heroes. They will be raised at six health care facilities across the province, including:
  • Cape Breton Regional Hospital
  • Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre
  • Dartmouth General Hospital (inside the lobby)
  • Halifax Infirmary 
  • Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building
  • Victoria General (inside the lobby)
  • Soldiers Memorial Hospital

*The health care hero flag can only fly outside a Nova Scotia Health facility if it has a third flag pole.

Hartlen is also a retired registered nurse with a master of nursing and EdD (doctor of education) in nursing.
“This was one little way I could acknowledge the work experience of health care workers,” said Hartlen, who was thrilled to design and donate her health care hero thank you flag. 
With thoughtful consideration, Hartlen created meaning in all the details of the flag.
The blue vertical bands on the left and right side of the flag symbolize code blue emergency – a cardio/respiratory arrest, choking or other life threatening emergency. The blue hue is also representative of the colour of scrubs commonly worn by health care professionals. 
The stethoscope represents the care provided by health care professionals.
The heart and heart beat reflect the compassion and competence of care provided, in addition to symbolizing the appreciation and gratitude of those receiving care. 
Through her diverse and rich experience in the nursing profession, Hartlen has seen first-hand the important – and challenging – roles that health care professionals play in keeping Nova Scotians happy and healthy. 
Thank you to all our health care professionals for the unwavering care and service that is provided to Nova Scotians, far and wide.