Patient Safety Indicators

Patient Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

The Nova Scotia government passed a law called the Patient Safety Act in May 2012. The act requires hospitals to collect information called patient safety indicators and report the results to the Department of Health and Wellness and the public.

Who is this information for?

  • People who receive care or will need care in hospitals, and their loved ones.
  • Those who work or volunteer in hospitals.
  • The general public.

Beginning in May 2013, the District Health Authorities and the IWK Health Centre will give the anwers to these questions:

  • How often are healthcare workers cleaning their hands?
  • How likely is it that a patient will get Clostridium difficile infection while in hospital?

Provincial Results

Individual DHA and Provincial results are reported on the the Department of Health and Wellness Website.

For more information about these indicators and the reports visit the government website:

GASHA Results

GASHA's Reports of Patient Safety Indicators: