Clinical Therapist - Addiction Services
Communicable Disease Prevention & Control Lead
Community Health Planner - Public Health
Community Health Promotion Officer
Community Health Worker - Addiction Services
Community Outreach Worker (Case Navigator Liason)
Community Outreach Worker (DWI/AIIP Program)
Community Outreach Worker (Women's Services)
Continuing Care Coordinator
Continuing Care Coordinator Team Lead
Counselor Attendant - Addiction Services
Health Educator - PHS
Health Equity Lead - Public Health
Health Equity Promoter - Public Health
Healthy Development Team Lead - Public Health
Licensed Practical Nurse-Withdrawal Management Unit-SRH
Licensed Practical Nurse - Continuning Care 
Licensed Practical Nurse - PHS
Nurse Rehabilitation Counselor
Nutritionist - PHS
Placement Coordinator
Placement Coordinator
Program Administration Officer II

Public Health Dental Hygienist - Community Health

Public Health Nurse - Arichat
Public Health Nurse - Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
Public Health Nurse-Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet/Ecole Beau Port
Public Health Nurse - Public Health -GASHA
Public Health Nurse (Youth) - Sherbrooke
Public Health Nurse - Youth Health Centre (Richmond Academy)
Public Health Nurse- Youth Health Centre (SAERC High School)
Public Health Nutritionist
Recreation Therapist
Registered Nurse - Continuing Care
Risk and Safety Coordinaor
School Health Partnership Nurse
Secretary - Continuing Care
Secretary I Continuing Care
Secretary II
Secretary II - Communicable Disease Prevention & Control/Team Lead Support PH
Secretary II/ Clerk III - Continuing Care
Secretary II/Clerk III - PHS
System Navigator/Collaborator
Youth Health Nurse - Public Health 
Youth Health Nurse - Public Health - Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet
Youth Health Nurse- Public Health- Tamarac Education Centre
Quality Management Coordinator - AD