CUPE Healthcare

Attendant II
Autism Clinical Interventionist (EIBI)
Autism Skills Worker
Autism Support Worker (EIBI)
Building Bridges of Support (Wraparound) Coordinator- Mental Health SMRH
Cancer and Supportive Care Assistant
Chronic Disease Physiotherapist
Chronic Disease Dietitian
Clinical Dietitian
Clinical Dietitian-SMRH
Clinical Dietitians SRH
Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Therapist (Mental Health Services)
Community Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist-CC Port Hawkesbury
Community Social Worker III (Seniors and Palliative Care Community Social Worker)
Crisis Response Service Co-ordinator
CSR Technician Aide
Custodial Care Attendant (EMH)
Custodial Care Attendant (SMRH)
Custodial Care Attendant (SRH)
Diabetes Educator
Diagnostic Imaging Technical Assistant
Diagnostic Imaging Student Technical Assistant
Dialysis Support Aide
Dietitian - Primary Health Care
Dietitian - Primary Health Care -Strait & Richmond County
District Outreach Occupational Therapist
E.C.G Senior Tech - (SRH)
General Radiography Team Lead
General Ultrasound/Echo Cardiology Technologist
Group Program Facilitator
Health Record Administrator
Health Record Technician
Health Record Technician in Training
Information Systems (IS) Coordinator
Intake Case Manager
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Assistant (Evenings)
Laboratory Technologist
Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Medical Social Worker - SRH
Medical Social Worker (Acute and Restoritive Care Services)
MRI Technologist
MRI Technologist - LEAD
Music Therapist
Occupational Therapist OT/Rehab/Mental Health
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Occupational Therapist (Adult Services)
OR Attendant II
Orthopist Ophthalmic Technologist
PACS Application Specialist
Palliative Care Community Social Worker
Paramedic SRH
Pathologist Assistant
Pharmacy Technician
Physiotherapist – Chronic Disease/Cardiovascular Health
Physiotherapist - Primary Health Care
Physiotherapy Aide
Physiotherapy Assistant
Physiotherapist-SRH & Seniors' Health/Community Rehabilitation
Project and Client Support Student
Psychiatric Attendant
Psychologist (Mental Health Services)
Psychologist (Mental Health Services Child-Youth-and Family)
Radiological Technologist
Radiology Technologist-SRH
Respitory Therapist
Rehab Assistant
School Mental Health Clinician
Senior Laboratory Technologist--Quality Coordinator
Senior Primary Health Care Coordinator
Social Worker (Mental Health Inpatient Services)
Social Worker (Mental Health Services)
Social Worker (Acute Care Services)
Social Worker III - Seniors Health (Community)
Staff Occupational Therapist
Staff Pharmacist
Staff Physiotherapist
Stroke Coordinator
Summer Activities Coordinator
Teamaide- Community Rehab Services GMH
Teamaide (Core Competencies)
Teamaide (GARU)
Teamaide (Rehab Services)
Teamaide (Progressive Care Unit)
Team Lead Mammography
Team Leader, General Radiography
Team Leader, Mammography
Ultrasound Technologist
Wraparound Coordinator